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03 5442 2241

7 days 4.30pm-10.00
10 Pall Mall, Bendigo

5km from Built Pizza – $4
Over 5km from Built Pizza – $6

We thought you might like to know

APART FROM THE FACT THAT YOU CAN CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANT ON YOUR PIZZA, BUILT PIZZA SPECIALISes IN neapolitaN style pizza. Here’s why we love it, and we know you will too:

  • Our dough is made with the finest flour imported from Italy and double-proofed over night making it lighter and easier to digest.
  • Our toppings are of the highest quality.
  • All our pizzas are quick fired in our specially designed oven at 400o for 90 seconds, allowing for all of the nutrients in the ingredients to be maintained.
  • Woodfired for more flavour.

Did we mention it’s probably the healthiest pizza available?

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